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So yeah. Mushrooms!!!!!!! 🎉🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🎊 today’s haul: #chickenofthewoods #giant #puffball #giantpuffball #amanita #rubescens #chanerelles #beefsteak #blacktrumpets #beautyberries #turkeytail #princeagaricus #boletus #leccinum #bolete #macrocybe #titans #dandelion #greens #foraging #mushroomhaul #wild #edible #food #healthy #nature

when i was camping in france i was the first person in my group to find a chanterelle—i was so proud. it was so delicious and had one of the most amazing smells ever


Nothing Is The Color You Think It Is. Or Is It?

Color is a very interesting thing, just about everything has one. Though, what I am doing today is tackling the idea behind what color is and what is what color. It might be more surprising than you think.

Try mixing your own colors with light:

via Think Fact.

Oh color theory, my favorite♥

New sketches of a sculpture i’m doing for my show in the fall. The faces in th3 back will me masks placed along the wall while the women will be roughly 7 by 10 feet. Stay tuned!
Artist : lynzie griffith 2014

Found this under my bed, the quality is questionable but i stay true.
Artist: lynzie griffith 2010


Fjaðrárgljúfur, South Iceland

(via batwingedbird)

Anyone know the designer and or creator of this masterpiece ?
Any body know the artist?The artist of this piece, come fourth and claim your beautiful creation.

Dying without fear takes a great deal of trust, a trust that can help us live with more faith, if we can understand our need to control. Death teaches us the power of letting be, of noninterference and surrender. The process of dying is completely natural. The laws of nature govern death as they do our lives. It is difficult to understand the power of not doing, of leaving these natural laws alone, when we have always attempted to act our own course. Death can teach us when to leave things alone and when to act.
Rodney Smith.
Photo by Adryel Talamantes.